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Creative  Intimate  Portraiture

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Creative Portraits

Portrait Photography

Because There's More 2UR family we won't do a traditional staid studio portrait. We will find the unique U in a natural way.


Children, family and more.


Pet Portraits

Because they mean so much More 2U

For many of us our pets are extremely special, and Pet Photography should show UR love of them. I love animals and have always had pets.  I don't mind if yours are feathered, furred or scaled as long as they are behaved and under your control. 
Price includes 45 minute shoot time and 4 to 6 digital images for you to keep and have printed.
You can choose your location, in your home or at their favourite park or wherever.



A different approach 2U

Be inspired to have your wall covered in art that you feature in because There's More 2U than meets the eye. 

Lets talk styles, moods and inspirations to create that piece of art that is unique 2U.

I love the challenge that this takes, and the the more involved UR in the process the better the outcome.

This does not have to be singular - friends, couples, groups are all welcome.


Because U Love it

Because there's more 2 the things ULove

Create a special piece of art for UR home from the things U love, UR hobby or favourite spot. There's more 2 what ULove.

Get in Touch

Products & Business

Because there's more 2UR business

Good photography shouldn’t have to break the bank. That’s why There's More 2U offers an accessible rate that matches UR needs. Get in touch if you’d like to book this service and experience photography beyond the ordinary because There's More 2UR business.

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