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Monty 1,000,000/10 Good Boi rating

I'd like to introduce you to the goodest boi found at Warrandyte Market on Saturday last.

*Please meet Monty* A five yo golden retriever who at first was a bit surprised I wanted to take his photo.

Monty is the goodest boi, because he has a very special connection with his mumma. You see, before they got him, his mumma was in a car accident and suffered a spinal injury.

They got Monty for mumma to be a companion and he absolutely excelled at the cheering her up part of the job description.

As Monty grew up with his mumma she received a mobility implant and is now able to walk him, and OMGs does this make him happy. The problem is, the implant can cause quite a lot of pain.

Now this is where Monty went above and beyond. With no special training, no certificate of attainment, Monty has taken it upon himself to become his mumma's support dog. He lays down with her and comforts her when the pain is too much, and as you can see he absolutely adores his mumma.

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